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980™ Series

You can melt away stress in the seats of the Kingston™ spa. This model features popular combinations of our Fluidix® Jets. The crisp, rhythmic texture of the exterior cabinetry highlighted by corner illumination. It adds a whimsical combination of classic beauty, as well as architectural form. This 980™ Series spa also features a low-profile flat top rail and beautiful lounge deck. This hot tub features a SunCooler™ cold storage area for additional seating and convenience. For beauty and safety, this spa’s wide seats feature the even glow of LED lighting.

This spa greets your muscles with the widest back, also much space for your legs. This spa soothes your muscles and senses with specialty Silent Air® injector jets and SunScents® Aromatherapy. Total relaxation is only as far away as your backyard. Enjoy your spa day or night with a Glass i-Touch Control. It is equipped with SunSmart® 2.0 Wi-Fi Kit, for remote access and to keep you informed of your spa’s status. The addition of tool-free cabinetry and the MicroClean® Ultra Water Management System make maintenance a breeze.

Kingston Sundance Spa

Seating Capacity

6-7 People


92" x 100" x 34" / 234 cm x 254 cm x 86 cm

Spa Volume

401 gals / 1518 L

Spa Jets

57 Jets

Customize the Kingston™ Spa


  • Celestite Acrylic Shell

    Celestite + £0.00

  • Platinum Acrylic Shell

    Platinum + £0.00

  • Porcelain Acrylic Shell

    Porcelain + £0.00

  • Midnight Acrylic Shell

    Midnight + £0.00

  • Monaco Shell

    monaco + £0.00

  • Sahara Acrylic Shell

    Sahara + £0.00


  • Coastal Skirt Cabinetry

    Coastal + £0.00

  • Mahogany Skirt Cabinetry

    Mahogany + £0.00

Total Price


Base Price £0.00 + Shell £0 + Skirt £0

The Kingston™ Specifications

Seating Capacity: 6-7
Lounge: No
Price: $$$$
Jets: 57
Dimensions: 92" x 100" x 34" / 234 cm x 254 cm x 86 cm
Spa Volume: 401 gals / 1518 L
Filled Weight: 5,310 lbs / 2,409 kg
Dry Weight: 1,048 lbs / 440 kg
Primary Pump: 1-speed/2.5 hp continuous
Secondary Pump: 1-speed/2.5 hp continuous
Circulation Pump: Yes
Filtration: CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration
Filters: MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System, 130 ft² (2 interlocking cartridge filters)
North America Electrical: 240 VAC 60 Hz @ 50A or 60A
International Electrical: 230 VAC 50 Hz @ 16A/20A/32A2/3 x 16A

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Silent Air® Injector Jets

Through soft, soothing bubbles, Silent Air® injector jets diffuse SunScents™ fragrances for aromatherapy. Soft, soothing bubbles of Silent Air® injector jets deliver SunScents™ aromatherapy fragrance without affecting the water.

Upgraded Accu-Ssage™

Deep tissue jets deliver the widest coverage we’ve ever offered for relief in your back and hips. Jets also relax your neck, wrists and calves for a customer-favorite seat.

Broad-coverage leg therapy

Versatile seats deliver broad coverage therapy to your overworked legs; renewal you can only find in the 980™ Series.

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Sundance® Spas Features

These spas are packed with all of the features that spa owners love and intertwined them with new elements you’ll soon fall in love with, too.

The SmartTub™ System

Fluidix® Jets


Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Setting Industry Standards

Enhance with Accessories

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