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Resources for Your Spa

Find the information quickly and efficiently with the resources below. From brochures and delivery guides, to manuals, warranty information and more, our resource center has it all. In the off chance that you cannot find what you need, simply get in touch with us today. Our team is always more than happy to help.


Sundance® Spas Brochure 2024
With over 60 years of innovation, the Sundance® Spas brand has a lot to offer.

Sundance® Spas Pre-Delivery Guide
Prepare your home for the delivery and installation of your hot tub.

Sundance® Spas Spec Sheet
Each Sundance® Spa offers a unique design and has a range of features.

CLEARRAY® Instructions
Proper maintenance guidelines for the CLEARRAY® Water Management System.

SmartTub™ App Setup Instructions
Connect your hot tub and smartphone in just a few simple steps.


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